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Boom Gate:

Our boom gates are available in mains powered and external transformer or low voltage powered options, ensuring flexibility to suit your specific requirements. Designed for durability and ease of use, our boom gates provide efficient vehicle access control, helping you maintain safety and security on your premises.

Boom Gate Accessories:

Enhance the functionality of your boom gate system with our range of accessories:

Vehicle Loop Detector:

Automatically detects the presence of vehicles to trigger boom gate operation, facilitating smooth traffic flow.

Safety Photocells:

Ensure safe operation by detecting obstacles and preventing the boom gate from closing on vehicles or pedestrians.

Boom Gate Keypad:

Allows authorized individuals to enter access codes for gate entry, providing added security measures.

Boom Gate Warning Light:

Enhances visibility and alerts approaching vehicles or pedestrians of the boom gate's operation.

Booster Antenna:

Improves signal strength for remote control operation, ensuring reliable communication between the transmitter and receiver.

GSM Gate Opener:

Enables remote control of the boom gate via GSM networks, providing convenient access control from anywhere.

Smartphone Gate Opener:

Control the boom gate using your smartphone, adding convenience and flexibility to access management.

Boom Gate Timer:

Set specific opening and closing times for automated operation, optimizing traffic flow and security.

  Free WiFi Gate Keypad & Universal PE Sensor -With All Gate Opener Kits- Free Delivery for Orders Above $1000

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