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Customer Care

We will:

* Speak respectfully to our customers at all times

* Listen carefully and allow our customers time to explain their requirements fully

* Convey a sound knowledge of our products and their features

* Respect customers' privacy and confidentiality 

* Strive to address customer enquiries within a reasonable time-frame, whether in writing or verbally or face to face.

Privacy & Safety

We respect the privacy & safety of our customers and protect their personal information from:

* Theft

* Misuse

* Interference

* Loss

* Unauthorised Access

* Modification

* Disclosure

When we no longer need our customers' personal information then we delete or de-identify it that also includes shredding of documents.


Payment Methods

Wholesale Inquiries

If you want to make wholesale inquiries then please drop us an email with your business name, nature of your business and contact details. We will assess the information provided and get back to you accordingly.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Bank Transfer

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