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4G GSM Gate Opener: A Revolutionary Solution for Secure Access Control

Updated: Feb 17


GSM gate openers are innovative devices that allow you to remotely control the opening and closing of gates or garage doors using a mobile phone.

They work by receiving commands from an authorized mobile phone number and activating the gate motor accordingly.

Benefits of GSM Gate Openers:

  1. Convenience: With a GSM gate opener, you can easily open and close your gate motors from a distance. This can be especially helpful if you're expecting visitors or if you need to allow access to your property while you're away.

  2. Security: A GSM gate opener can enhance the security of your property by allowing only authorized individuals to access your gates. This can prevent intruders and unwanted visitors from entering your premises.

  3. Cost-effective: GSM gate openers are often more cost-effective than traditional gate openers, as they don't require complicated wiring or additional infrastructure.

How GSM Gate Openers Work:

GSM gate openers consist of a control unit, which is connected to the gate motor, and a SIM card, which is inserted into the unit. The control unit is programmed to recognize authorized mobile phone numbers and to open or close the gate accordingly.

When an authorized mobile phone number calls the SIM card, the control unit receives the call and activates the gate motor to open or close the gate.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a GSM Gate Opener:

  1. Network Coverage: Make sure the GSM gate opener you choose is compatible with the mobile network in your area. Check for network coverage and signal strength to ensure reliable performance. 4G GSM Gate Openers are considered to be standard choice for Australia.

  2. SIM Card Compatibility: Not all GSM gate openers are compatible with all types of SIM cards. Make sure to choose a device that can support the SIM card you plan to use. Telstra Australia SIM cards are considered to be best for the GSM Gate Openers because Telstra has better coverage throughout in Australia even in regional areas.

  3. Power Source: GSM gate openers require a 9-24 V DC power source to function. Make sure that the gate motor has got this power source or else use the power convertor between the gate motor and the GSM gate opener.


Q: Can I control my GSM gate opener from multiple mobile phones?

A: Yes, you can authorize multiple mobile phone numbers to control your GSM gate opener.

Q: Is it possible to control my GSM gate opener remotely?

A: Yes, you can control your GSM gate opener from anywhere in the world with mobile network coverage.

Q: Can I install a GSM gate opener myself?

A: It's possible to install a GSM gate opener yourself, but it's recommended to seek professional installation to ensure optimal performance and safety.


GSM gate openers are a convenient and secure way to control the opening and closing of gates remotely. They can enhance the security of your property while providing cost-effective and reliable performance.

When choosing a GSM gate opener, consider factors such as network coverage, SIM card compatibility, and power source to ensure optimal performance.


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