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Magnetic Lock with 500 Kg Capacity for Swing Gates or Doors

500 Kg Magnetic Lock (SGA-ML500W)

AU$440.00 Regular Price
AU$374.00Sale Price

Secure your property with our powerful electromagnetic lock with 12V or 24V adjustable voltage option. With a 500 kg capacity, our lock is perfect for swing gates and doors, providing reliable and secure access control. 


Magnetic Lock consists of an electromagnet and a metal plate. When current is passed through the elctromagnet then it gets magnetised and strongly attracts the metal plate, locking tight a swing gate or a door or a boom gate. 


  • 500 Kg Waterproof Magnetic Lock With "Z" Brackets
  • 12-24V Adjustable Voltage With Status Output (On/ Off)
  • Suitable for glass door automation, timber door automation and automatic swing metal gates.
  • Kit Includes:

    1. 1x 12-24V DC Adjustable 500Kg Waterproof Magnetic Lock
    2. 1x Magnetic Lock "Z" Bracket

  Free WiFi Gate Keypad & Universal PE Sensor -With All Gate Opener Kits- Free Delivery for Orders Above $1000

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