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Pedestrian Gate Automation:

Our pedestrian gate automation systems are designed to offer convenience, security, and reliability. With electromagnetic locks and electric strikers, you can rest assured that your pedestrian gate remains securely locked when not in use, preventing unauthorized access. Our systems are seamlessly integrated with various control methods, including gate keypads, smartphone gate openers, remotes, and exit push buttons, providing flexibility and ease of use for users.


Key Features

Electromagnetic Locks:

Ensure secure locking of the pedestrian gate, providing peace of mind for property owners.

Electric Strikers:

Offer an alternative locking mechanism for pedestrian gates, controlled by various access control methods.

Gate Keypad:

Allows authorized individuals to enter access codes for gate entry, adding an additional layer of security.

Smartphone Gate Opener:

Control the pedestrian gate using your smartphone through our WiFi switch, providing convenient access management.

GSM Gate Opener:

Enables remote control of the pedestrian gate via GSM networks, providing convenient access management.

Gate Remotes:

Enable remote operation of the pedestrian gate, ideal for users who prefer handheld control devices.

Exit Push Buttons:

Allow users to easily exit the premises by triggering the gate to open with a simple push of a button.

  Free WiFi Gate Keypad & Universal PE Sensor -With All Gate Opener Kits- Free Delivery for Orders Above $900

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