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WHY You Should Have an Automatic Gate Opener? - Skyline Gate Automation

Updated: Feb 17

Many homeowners today find themselves needing an automatic gate opener. In fact, according to a recent study, as many as one-third of all homeowners in the Australia now have an automatic gate opener for their driveway gates. The need for an automatic gate system is not surprising, given the growth in the use of cars and the popularity of driveway parking.

Automatic Gate Opener allows you to easily operate your driveway gates with various access control devices such as Remote Control or Clicker, Touch Keypad, TUYA Phone App, GSM Phone Dialer, Automatic Vehicle Detector and many more.

The TUYA Phone App and GSM Phone Dialer can be used to operate your automatic gate opener from anywhere in fact from any part of the world for posties, meter readers, family and friends.

Apart from the convenience an automatic gate opener offers, having an automatic gate for driveway adds an extra level of security that isn’t achievable with the manual driveway gates. With an automatic gate system, you can feel secure at all times knowing that your automatic gate closer and associated gate automation are keeping your property safe.

We recommend Italian made V2 brand of automatic gate opener that are most advanced and features rich. The automatic gate motors can be mains powered or solar powered, you can choose the power option based on the availability and location of 240V mains power point.

Skyline Gate Automation offers automatic gate opener for sliding gate and swing gate with three options:

  1. If you got an external 240V power point right at the gate then you can choose mains powered automatic gate opener that can be directly plugged-in to 240V power point.

  2. If you don’t have an external 240V power point right at the gate but it’s available somewhere within 80-100m from the gate then you can choose LV powered automatic gate opener where an external low voltage transformer is plugged-in to 240V power point and a low voltage garden cable is connected between the low voltage transformer and an automatic gate opener.

  3. The third option is solar powered automatic gate opener where a state of the art, compact and IP65 rated 24V Solar Gate System is supplied to power up the automatic gate opener that includes High Power 50W Monocrystalline Solar Panel with Mount, 2x High Capacity 12Ah batteries and MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

Conclusion - Four Great Reasons - WHY You Should Have an Automatic Gate Opener?

  • Enhanced Security Of Your Property:

An Automatic Gate Opener will add security to your property, acting as a visual deterrent for an unauthorised access. Thieves usually look for easy targets so will stay away from your property as it will be harder for them to enter.

  • Augmented Safety For Your Kids And Pets:

Enclosing your front yard with a safety fence and an automatic gate system will increase the safety of your kids and pets. You will have peace of mind knowing that your kids and pets can play safely in your front yard.

  • Increases The Value of Your Property:

Automatic Gate Opener and associated Gate Automation enhance the visual appeal and aesthetic value of your property. To have an automatic gate system, you need to spend some money and time as well therefore all these factors increase the value of your property.

  • Convenience:

Having an Automatic Electric Gate provides convenience as it means you will no longer need to come out of your car on a rainy day to open your driveway gate manually. Simply press the button on your remote or use your TUYA phone app or use GSM Phone dialler and your gate will open for you. If you have a safety sensor installed then you can set your automatic gate opener on auto-close function at pre-set time without a fear of damaging your car or causing an injury to anyone.

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