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Heavy Duty Automatic Boom Gate or Automatic Barrier Gate Melbourne

Heavy Duty 24V DC Boom Gate Package (SGA-BG-DC)

$2,850.00 Regular Price
$2,793.00Sale Price

Discover our range of high-quality automatic boom gates or automatic barrier gates that provide efficient and secure access control solutions. Our boom gates are designed to meet your needs with fast operation, durable construction, and easy installation.


24V DC Heavy Duty Boom Gate Operator or Automatic Barrier Arm Gate is made of robust steel and powdercoated in smooth yellow colour. The Boom Gate Operator can easily be disengaged/ overidden manually in case of an emergency. It is supplied with a telescopic type of boom arm or barrier arm means the arm can be slided in or out to suit your width requirement. It can be extended up to 6m. Boom arm comes with pre installed reflective tape to help night time visibility.


Technical Data & Features:

  1. Power Supply: 240V AC (Control board comes with pre installed 240V-24V step down transformer and rectifier unit to feed 24V DC to boom motor. If 240V AC power-point is far away then external LV transformer with garden low voltage cable can be used).
  2. Time for Up/ Down: 1.6s for 1-2m long boom arm, 4s for 3-4m long boom arm & 6s for 5-6m long boom arm.
  3. Auto-Close Feature.
  4. Force Adjustment.
  5. Input & output terminals to hook up access control devices.
  6. Working Environment: -20 to +50 degree celsius.
  7. Protection: IP55.



  1. Boom Operator/ Barrier Gate Operator: 1050 x 348 x 268 mm
  2. Boom Arm/ Barrier Arm: Up to 6m


Application: Automatic Barrier Arm Gate is used for Security and traffic control management at industrial & commercial properties, body corporate managed complexes, construction sites, car parks, schools, hospitals and more.

  • Kit Includes:

    1. 1x 24V DC Heavy Duty Boom Gate Operator
    2. 1x Boom Arm
    3. 2x Keyring Remotes
    4. 1x 240V Power Cord
    5. Instruction Manual
    6. Other access control devices such as Safety Sensor, Keypad, Vehicle Detector, 4G GSM unit can be added on.

  Free WiFi Gate Keypad & Universal PE Sensor -With All Gate Opener Kits- Free Delivery for Orders Above $900

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