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Keyed Alike D&D Lokklatch Magnetic Lock

LokkLatch® Magnetic Push/ Pull Magnetic Lock Keyed Alike (SGA-LLMLABT)

AU$125.00 Regular Price
AU$120.00Sale Price

LokkLatch® MAGNETIC is a versatile, magnetically triggered gate lock/latch that’s ideal for driveway and other pedestrian access gates around homes and industrial areas. It’s ergonomic, handled design offers a unique and convenient style of gate entry/exit. The latch operates and locks from both sides of the gate! It eliminates the need for padlocks, chains or handle-holes in gates. The LokkLatch® MAGNETIC is made of super-strong, rust-free polymers and stainless steel components, so it’s tough and durable. The two-part design provides an 'External Access Lever' that allows street-side entry. Conveniently, the two security lock cylinders can be rekeyed to match other household doors and accesses. The LokkLatch® MAGNETIC comes supplied standard with gloss-black trim covers (to hide all fasteners).



  1.  Keyed Alike with Black Trim Handle
  2. Operates and locks from both sides of the gate
  3.  D&D-patented magnetic latching
  4.  Vertical & horizontal adjustment
  5.  No visible fasteners (Black trim covers standard)
  6.  Australian Made and Owned
  7.  Lifetime Warranty
  • Kit Includes:

    1. 1x Keyed Alike Lokklatch Magnetic Push/ Pull Gate Lock
    2. 2x Lock Keys
    3. Mounting Screws

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